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Designer for Cable TV’s DIY Network

My passion is assisting sellers in the marketing of their property by enabling them to feel confident that their initial investment in staging will yield their desired results.

I have been in the home staging and consulting business since February 2015. I am a native of Mount Pleasant and have seen how much this town has changed and grown over the years. One of these changes in particular has been in the area of real estate. My husband and I have bought and sold several homes in the area, which has actually given root to my passion for home staging. And, yes, I staged every one of them!

From 2 bedroom town homes and cottages to multi million dollar luxury homes, we can stage them all!!

The Goal

My goal is to create a stress free experience for the property owner while casting the vision for both the buyer and seller in maximizing and magnifying the features and strengths unique to each property!

What is Home Staging Exactly?

Home Staging is the process of getting your home ready for sale (move-in ready), so that buyers will connect emotionally with your home and make an offer.  We will be focusing on the things that will increase the marketing value of your home, so that buyers fall in love with your home.

We will only suggest those changes that will give you at least a 100% return on your investment!

Key Points to Remember:

  1. 90% of buyers are online first, so we will be staging for the online photos and for when the buyers walk through the home!
  2. After viewing the homes online, buyers will only visit 12 typically
  3. Not even 10% of buyers have the ability to see past your “things”
  4. Buyers are a captive audience and your home gives us multiple opportunities to create a good impression
  5. Staging may seem difficult today but will save you in price reductions tomorrow!
  6. Have fun, enjoy the process and please do not be self-conscious because people DO NOT live in staged homes!  That is the beauty of redesign!


Marisa was amazing! She came in and knew exactly what to do and how to stage my house perfectly. She was able to take pieces I already had and give them new life in different areas of our house. Our very first showing we were told how amazing it looked and that it was staged perfectly. The potential buyer even asked for addition pictures to mimic exactly what Marisa did!

Stacy Meyer, Seller

Loved her kindness and being direct, excellent level of professionalism

Brittany Kalivas, Homeowner

After a few weeks on the market with no offers, we turned to A Little Staging to add 'warmth' to our property. Ms Little was able to bring in a few select pieces, turn existing furniture around for better affect, and took away the hollow echo sounds in our home. She has a true "eye" for what works and what doesn't work.

Deb Cherry, Homeowner

Marisa Little was wonderful to work with for the staging of my client's renovation of a historic home. The style was perfect for the age of the home and potential buyers. The furnishings and decor highlighted the homes features and made the house feel like a home. Loved it!

Danielle Nichols, Realtor

Marisa Little staged a friend's house and the results were outstanding! She was able to simplify each room so that potential buyers were able to immediately see the highlights of the home. Marisa used neutral colors and rearranged layouts which really made each room warm and inviting. I know buyers will be able to envision themselves in this home and it won't be on the market much longer!

Genie Potts, Owner Occupied Client

Marisa is AWESOME! She's got a lot of energy and great ideas! She's reliable, reasonable and a pleasure to work with! I'm definitely using her again!

Brantlee de Brux, Realtor

I cannot say enough positive things about Marisa! She always answers the phone when I call and is expedient in her response to my emails . . . in my business as a local Realtor of 20 years, this is HUGE! Let's agree her credibility impacts my credibility in the eyes of my client;-) Her ability to think fast on her feet and sometimes out of the box leaves everyone feeling we are moving in a positive and mutually beneficial direction! I will absolutely use Marisa for future listings that warrant staging

Libby Smith, Realtor

During our first consultation Marisa generated so many good ideas that it took us over a month to implement them. She made use of existing furnishings as much as possible to reduce cost and avoid purchasing more stuff. We thought that we had done a good job of uncluttering, but she eliminated even more that was unnecessary. For example, she suggested removing four large area rugs exposing the hardwood floor. Doing that made the whole upstairs seem larger and more connected. She got us to think beyond the way things always were in our house and opened up the basic flow of the interior. Our house is now on the market, We are getting feedback from agents, such as: "Cool house!" and "Thank you for letting us see your show case ready listing." We have Marisa to thank for making it show ready.

Anna Eddy, Owner Occupied Client

Marisa did an outstanding job for my clients. We had their condo on the market for almost a year with no offers...It was in excellent condition (well taken care of) and was priced fairly. It needed an extra "pop" and Marissa did just that! Mostly using what the client already had along with a few rented items...the condo was staged beautifully! ( I thought my clients might change there mind and decide not to sell :0 ) within a month and a half we got an offer very close to list price!! My clients could not be happier and it made my job much easier!! Only wish we had used Marissa 9 months earlier!! She is very professional and efficient....says what she is going to do and does what she says!! I like that! Thanks so much Marissa!

Paige Hutto, Realtor

Everything about the experience with Marissa was exceptional and professional -- from the getting starting info, options, recommendations, to the amazing finished product! Our home has never looked this inviting and welcoming. Highly recommend Little Staging. We can't wait to have Marissa help us decorate our new place!!!!

Cindy & Jeff Russell, Owner Occupied Client

Marisa was definitely worth the sellers' investment. Her expertise in color choice, furniture arrangement and the subtle touches that turn a house into a show house made all of the difference in the sale of my client's home.

Trish Bender, Realtor

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